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dash camera supply and fit
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tow bars supply and fit
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car keys/fobs/remotes
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engine ecu remaps 
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What we do

  • Dealer Level computer Diagnostics
  • Tow Bars installation and Coding
  • Dash Cameras supply and fit
  • Reverse Cameras and Parking Sensors
  • Air Con Re-gas and Disinfection
  • Audio upgrades
  • Remap and Tuning
  • Car Keys - Cut, programmed, repaired
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  • 8.00 a.m -6.00 pm
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We are one of the leading auto electrical repair shops serving customers around the area.
All repair services are performed by highly qualified Engineers.

Additional services

Performance or Economy remapping

Car feeling sluggish?
Struggling when towing?
Less MPG than expected?
Want better fuel economy?
Want an increase in torque?
Want more BHP?
Want increased throttle response?

Economy tuning is all about saving the motorist money on their fuel bills. With up to 20% fuel savings for some vehicles you can’t afford not to take advantage of this software.

Reverse Parking Aid

The exact match to your vehicle body colour is achieved with special colour coding to the parking sensors. A wide range of parking sensors are available for different applications including metal bumpers, angled bumpers, painted or natural bumpers.

Dash Cameras

We supply and fit dash cameras, we fit your own dash cameras, by professionally hardwire them directly to the fuse box. No tangled cables and power socket is free